Vintage Tea & Coffee is a local artisan cafe offering speciality tea and coffee in downtown Cleveland, OH. Our main philosophy is to serve every customer a quality beverage which highlights the uniqueness and special characteristics of each tea or coffee. We believe “quality” is a combination of three things: Source of products, Craftsmanship, and Relationships.

We source high-quality teas and coffees from around the globe. We see the passion and hard work put into each coffee bean and tea leaf by producers; they are the frontline of making a delicious beverage.

From a craftsmanship perspective, baristas at our cafe brew each beverage with skill and attention. We continuously seek innovation in brewing methods and improvement in our baristas’ skills. Simple math: Quality craftsmanship produces quality beverages.

The relationship between partners, us, and customers is the fundamental characteristic that ties the coffee and tea experience together. Shared knowledge, strong communication, and good practices between our partners and us give us the ability to ensure the ultimate customer experience. Whether it is about the unique story of each tea and coffee or simply a big smile. Or both.

Welcome :)

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