About Us

It is what we pursue that defines us.


Pursuit of ultimate customer experience

since 2014

Vintage Tea & Coffee is an artisan cafe offering speciality tea and coffee in Cleveland, OH. Our goal is to provide ultimate customer experience in terms of hospitality and quality in a trendy, cozy environment. We source high-quality teas and coffees from around the globe. We see the passion and hard work put into each coffee bean and tea leaf by our partners in the field; they are the frontline of making a delicious beverage. We strive for hospitality with friendly, accommodating customer service and quality through carefully selected state of art coffee/tea brewing machines in order to achieve high quality consistency of each cup.

At our Midtown-Link59 cafe, we also offer local beers and curated wines from around the globe. Food wise, we offer accessible, fresh, healthy, and unique food items. Each items we prepare and serve is carefully crafted to the highest standard possible.

The relationship between partners, us, and customers is the fundamental characteristic that ties the coffee, tea, and food experience together. Shared knowledge, strong communication, good practices between our partners and us, and our relentless pursue of perfection give us the ability to ensure the ultimate customer experience. Whether you come for a cup of tea or coffee or a bite, welcome. :)

Lead Staff

Jeff Su
Owner / General Manager

Kristin Brillhart
Assistant Manager

Latasha Wagner
Head Barista